3 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Scooter Post COVID-19

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, we all need to rethink how we travel in the city. While you wait for public transportation to adapt to the New Normal, consider choosing the best last-mile solution for commute post-COVID-19. 

Before the year 2020 people were zipping around with the Xiaomi electric scooter in Australia. Reservations by the local government didn’t stop the popularity of these personal electric vehicles. If you’ve ever tried Bird or Lime, chances are, you’ve used a Xiaomi m365 electric scooter. 

The electric scooter is the best portable electric vehicle for commuting, even after Covid-19. Here’s why you should go ahead and buy an electric scooter to navigate the New Normal.

Electric Scooters are the Future of Mobility 

Reduces car traffic and congestion. 

One electric scooter in the street is equal to one car off the road. If you’re traveling on your own to work or a trip around the city, it’s less of a hassle to use an electric scooter. Avoid traffic, crowded parking spaces, and reduce costs. If you’re just going to a store a few blocks away using a car is not just an inconvenience for you.  

The best eco-friendly option for personal use.  

Electric scooters are compact and easy to use battery-powered vehicles. While the use of fossil fuel hasn’t been completely replaced around the world, you still have options for where to get your electricity. The government has incentives for Australians who install a renewable power system in their home. With the increasing need for sustainability, being eco-friendly is becoming less of a trend and more of a commitment.  

Micro Mobility is the future of Transportation

After Covid-19, social distancing will become a part of public transportation. Neuron conducted the first survey of riders during the lockdown. Responses came from health professionals, essential workers, and other e-scooter riders making essential trips. The majority of respondents say that electric scooters are low risk compared to public transport and ridesharing, which are considered medium to high risk. 

The benefits of electric scooters, developments in portable electric technology, and an increase in public awareness will change public transportation. Instead of renting an electric scooter from rideshare companies that may not be around for long, you’re going to be better off owning one. You can get started with a $600 Xiaomi M365 electric scooter and it will be one of the smartest decisions you’ll make.