5 Electric Scooter Features Worth Investing In

The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter provides a decent price-to-practicality ratio that many would still recommend it today. But limiting yourself to budget electric scooters also limits you from accessing better features that enhance ride performance and quality. The best electric scooters with the optimum features are the most expensive, but what if you just need a commuter electric scooter? here are the features you should invest in. 

What are electric scooter features you need to invest in? 


The maximum range of your electric scooter depends on different factors such as speed, road conditions, and battery capacity. You’ll need to add 10%-15% on top of your range to ensure that you’ll have the right scooter. Prioritise this over speed because the general speed limit in Australia for electric scooters is 25 km/h. 

Dual Suspension

Getting more range also provides another benefit besides mileage. Long-range electric scooters require dual suspension or pneumatic tyres for a comfortable ride. Dual suspension becomes more common starting at the premium price range. But it’s worth it because at long distances, you’ll need ample shock absorption to make it less punishing on your knees. 

10-inch or more pneumatic tyres

Fortunately, pneumatic tyres are far more common. They can compensate for the lack of suspension, but if you’re travelling more than 25km/h on a roundtrip, you’ll need bigger tyres that’ll provide better cushion. Bigger tyres are common in extreme electric scooters starting at $2000 because they’re off-road, but there are a few midrange models such as the Mearth S Pro that have them. 

Ultra-portable features

Foldable handlebar, adjustable stem, and compact folding design result in an ultraportable electric scooter that you can easily carry and store under your desk. The general rule is higher performance = more weight. But there are few models who managed to defy this. The E-TWOW GT is the most powerful and fastest electric scooter in its class that weighs less than 13kg. 

Mechanical brake

You need a mechanical brake along with a regenerative/electronic brake for a safe braking distance. The typical stopping distance for electric scooters is less than 20 feet, but the optimal is under 10 feet, which you can only achieve with mechanical brakes – disc brake and drum brake. Drum brakes start at $1200-$1500 premium electric scooters. A combination of drum and disc are found in $1600 and above high-performance electric scooters.

To find the best electric scooters, choose one or two from this list. Manufacturers have to balance between production costs, competitive pricing, and profit, so you have to accept certain trade-offs. For example, they compensate the lack of suspension with 10-inch tyres or have dual suspension with 8.5-inch tyres. The best way is to find the right mix of features that suit your commute best.