9 Must-Have Electric Scooter Accessories

There are a wide variety of aftermarket accessories for electric scooters. Even if the electric brand isn’t popular like the Xiaomi m365 electric scooter, you’ll still find one. We’ve rounded up the essential accessories you’ll need to make your scoot around the city better and safer. 


There is no specific electric scooter helmet, but you can use a bike or motorcycle helmet. The type of helmet you need will depend on your speed. In general, the speed limit in Australia is 25km/h so a commuter bike helmet would do. You can use a full-face helmet, especially if you have plans of going off-road. You’ll have to do this on private property though as most states won’t allow an electric scooter that exceeds 25 km/h in public spaces.  

Reflective clothing 

Wearing a helmet and safety vest on an electric scooter looks excessive and silly, but there are enough incidents to prove that scooters shouldn’t be underestimated. This is especially the case when you’re riding at night. As a compromise, there are fashionable reflective jackets that you can use. Another alternative would be a LED backpack. You can also add reflectors on your helmet but you need to make sure that the adhesive works. 

Eye protection 

If you’re not wearing a full face helmet you’ll need eye protection. Sunlight, wind, dirt, and potentially bugs (we all know that flies can get really bad) will make your commute uncomfortable. You can use cycling glasses. The kind of protection they provide depends on the tint of the lenses. For city commuters, the amber lens is a good all-around option for varying conditions. 


A good pair of gloves makes a big difference when you’re riding in cold weather. Similar to the helmet, choosing the right pair depends on your speed. For under 25 km/h, you can use any glove with some thickness. If you’re going faster, thick leather biking or motorcycle gloves would be safer to protect your hands. 


In cases where you need to leave your scooter outside, you can buy a lock to keep it safe. Programmatic locks on electric scooters aren’t always reliable. The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter can be rolled or carried away even if the owner locks it via its mobile app.

There are 3 types of locks used in bikes – cable, chain, and U-lock. The last one is the most secure out of three. You can buy locks that are rated by Sold Secure if you have the budget. The rating system is gold (highest level), silver (compromise between security and cost) and bronze (defence against opportunist thief). In most cases, you’ll only need the bronze. Unless you’re unlucky and got the attention of a thief willing to carry an angle grinder to steal electric scooters, U-locks are unbreakable.

Tire sealant

Tire Sealants, fortunately, are inexpensive. Pneumatic tyres are the most practical electric scooter tyre, but they are susceptible to flats especially if you use inner tubes. Tire slime prevents the inner tubes from being punctured.  


All electric scooters come with headlights, but they may not be bright or mounted high-enough. This is particularly true among budget scooters below $600. You can buy an aftermarket headlight if you already have an electric scooter or make sure that the scooter you buy has a good one. The Mearth S Pro has a 5W headlight, so you won’t have any problems with visibility when riding at night.   


Taillights, unfortunately, don’t get as much attention as the headlight. Due to the design of scooter, they’re placed very low. Some $300 budget scooters don’t even have them. Luckily they’re as affordable as the headlight. Electric scooters above $600 have a decent taillight, which also acts as a brake light and reflector. 

Phone holder 

When the electric scooter craze happened, the first accessory made was most likely a phone holder. If you regularly use GPS or don’t want to miss your notifications, a phone holder is very cheap. Some electric scooters who don’t have a display come with a mobile app. 

Keep in mind that aftermarket accessories are different from parts. Aftermarket parts, especially the charger and battery, may not be compatible with your electric scooter. In this case, it’s safer buying the original. Aftermarket accessories for electric scooters are affordable and most of the time inexpensive. When buying an electric scooter, include expenses for accessories you’ll need in the budget.