Best Portable Electric Scooters in Australia

The main advantage of electric scooters is its portability. The best commuter electric scooters manage to strike a balance with weight, features, and price. This is unfortunately not easy to find. In general, the more power you have, the heavier the scooter gets. But there are electric scooter brands that manage to find a way and deliver the right package. We took a look at what’s currently in the market, and here the best electric scooters in Australia that provides portability without compromising features. 

Unagi Model One   

    • Folded Dimensions: 960x420x 389 mm
    • Motor: 250 W/ peak 500W 
    • Battery: 302Wh 
    • Top speed: 32 km/h 
    • Range: 25 km
    • Weight:  10 kg (12 kg with dual motor) 
    • Load capacity: 125 kg
    • Brakes:  front regenerative brake/ rear foot brake 
    • Tires: 7.5” puncture-proof 
    • Hill grade: 10%
    • Extras: 1.8W LED headlight/taillight, LED display, horn
    • Price: USD$840 (single) $990 (dual)

The Unagi Model One is essentially a budget scooter in the frame of a premium electric vehicle. The specs are steep for its price if you’re a budget-conscious buyer, but if you want a light portable electric scooter that doesn’t look cheap, the Unagi is a good choice. 

The Unagi weighs only 10 kg and will pass any trunk test you put it through. It now comes with a dual-motor option, so you can have more acceleration on top of all that fancy technology – magnesium alloy handlebar, stainless steel hinge system, carbon fibre frame, and puncture-proof tyres. It’s not going to take you far and best on flat footpaths away from any potholes. 

Segway T15

    • Folded Dimensions: 1024×202×223 mm
    • Motor: 300W
    • Battery: 144 Wh
    • Top speed: 20 km/h 
    • Range: 15 km
    • Weight:  10.5 kg 
    • Load capacity: 100kg 
    • Brakes:   rear regenerative, foot brake 
    • Tires: 8” solid foam-filled 
    • Hill grade: 15%
    • Extras: LED headlight/taillight, display, mobile app 
    • Price: $1299

In CES 2020, Segway-Ninebot launched an electric scooter with automatic cruise control – kick it along and the electric scooter will calculate “the friction and condition of the road and automatically adjusts your speed so you can maintain a constant rate of travel.” It takes a bit of getting used to because the electric scooter has no throttle but its a pleasing ride for short trips in the city. 

The Segway T15 is ultracompact – by retracting the handlebar and one touch of a button, you get a 9kg folded electric scooter that’s 8.7 inches in height. You can take this electric scooter with you on a train, coffee shop, grocer, work and never have to worry about it getting stolen. Pretty much like the Unagi, this is a leisure vehicle for short trips. 

Mearth S Pro 

    • Folded Dimensions: 1073 x 420 x 450 mm
    • Motor: 350W / peak 750W
    • Battery: 350Wh
    • Top speed: 32 km/h
    • Range: 45 km
    • Weight: 13.5 kg
    • Load capacity: 100 kg
    • Brakes: front regenerative and back disc brakes 
    • Tires: 10” pneumatic 
    • Max incline: 15%
    • Extras: 5W headlight, taillight, bell, advanced colour display 
    • Price: $1,099 with free shipping (within Australia only)

The Mearth S Pro is from a little known Australian electric scooter company, but don’t let their obscurity stop you. While Mearth Tech is not as popular as Xiaomi, Zero and Dualtron electric scooters, it has its own competitive edge in a market for practical and budget-conscious buyers. 

The Mearth S Pro is a commuter electric scooter with a removable battery. This enables you to extend its range for up to 45 km. It’s in direct competition with Ninebot Max but based on our own review, it’s a lighter and more portable electric scooter that doesn’t feel cumbersome to ride. Since the Mearth S Pro is from a retailer based in Australia, you also get free shipping and more accessible after-sales service. 


    • Folded Dimensions: 1059x152x325 mm
    • Motor: 700W
    • Battery: 504Wh
    • Top speed: 40 km/h
    • Range: 32 km
    • Weight:  12 kg
    • Load capacity: 100 kg 
    • Brakes:  front regenerative/rear foot brake 
    • Tires: 8” solid 
    • Suspension: front and rear spring
    • Hill grade: 15%
    • Extras: LED headlight/taillight, LCD display, horn. mobile app
    • Price: USD $849 (eBrake) $949 (rear drum brake)

Riders often end up sacrificing high-performance specs for portability. Fortunately, E-TWOW GT exists. It’s a well-rounded and versatile electric scooter that comes with features you would see in more expensive electric scooters. It’s the most powerful and fastest electric scooter in the ultracompact category which is no easy feat. It’s similar to TurboWheel Swift and Horizon, but these electric scooters weigh around 18kg. 

It’s no sorcery. The E-TWOW GT weighs 12.5 kg, has a foldable handlebar and built-in nylon carrying handle. Despite its lightweight, it still manages to have a 700W motor, 504Wh Samsung battery, dual suspension and rear drum brake. The E-TWOW is based in the US so you’ll have to should some shipping fees, but its all worth it for an electric scooter that comes with a rare set of offerings. 

Glion Dolly 

    • Folded Dimensions: 370 x 120 x 80mm
    • Motor: 250W /Peak 600W
    • Battery: 280 Wh
    • Top speed: 25Kmh
    • Range: 25 km
    • Weight:  12 kg
    • Load capacity: 115 kg
    • Brakes: rear electronic, foot brake 
    • Tires: 8” honeycomb
    • Max incline: 10%
    • Extras: headlight/taillight, bell, vertical self-standing trolley feature
    • Price: USD $429

The Glion Dolly is not a name that you would usually expect from an electric scooter, but when you fold it, it totally makes sense. There are other electric scooters that incorporate trolleys in their electric scooter, and some of them even have a carry handle to make it more manageable. But the Glion Dolly can be towed around like an airport suitcase, which gives it a small footprint and nifty portability. 

The key is a unique folding system – folding handlebar, adjustable stem, telescoping stem,  telescoping towing handle and dolly wheels. You can easily roll it and stack it up vertically. It also has nylon wrap in the middle of the handlebar to protect the area when it comes into contact with the ground. The Glion Dolly doesn’t perform well as the E-TWOW GT which it shares similarities with due to the compromises it has to make, but overall, it’s a very portable electric scooter whose ultra-compact features are unrivalled.  

As we move on to the New Normal, commuters need to reassess how they move around the city. Electric scooters may not be loved by everyone – especially lawmakers – but it’s fact that its a convenient way for innercity travel. Why sit in traffic when you get to where you need to go faster and without any fuss?