E-Glide G60 Review: Your Innovative Everyday Electric Scooter


Despite its slim and minimalist design, the E-Glide G60 electric scooter is packed with features that everyday commuters will love. A switchable battery system, simple intuitive design, and durable tyres are just some of its features. Learn more about the specs and features of this innovative everyday electric scooter in this quick E-Glide G60 electric scooter review.

Tech Specs

E-Glide G60

Top Speed

25 kph

Max Range

25 km


12.5 kg

Max Load

100 kg


350 W

Charging Time

3 to 4 hours


E-Glide G60

  • Swappable Panasonic batteries
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Easy folding and unfolding mechanism
  • 8.5-inch pneumatic tires
  • IP54 rating
  • Optional wide bar kit

Top Speed

The E-Glide G60 electric scooter can reach a maximum speed of 25 kph, which is also according to the average maximum allowable speed in Australia. Unlike other electric scooters, this speed can not be overridden as the scooter limits its speed suitable for beginners. Nonetheless, 25 kph is already a quick speed that can help you get anywhere fast. Moreover, it has three speed modes set at Low, Medium, and High.

Max Range 

The E-Glide G60 scooter can reach up to 25 km at a low, constant speed. For a mid-range electric scooter, this is already a decent range, perfect for the everyday commute. However, riders should keep in mind that the max range of an electric scooter varies depending on your speed, load, motor use, and riding conditions. To solve this concern, the E-Glide G60 features a swappable battery system, allowing riders to extend their range.


The E-Glide G60 features a decent 36 V 6.4 AH removable Panasonic Lithium-ion battery. The E-Glide G60 battery can be swapped easily by opening the top of the stem, pulling out the used battery, and replacing it with an additional battery. Since the batteries are lightweight, you can carry multiple batteries with you and replace them whenever needed. Moreover, switching batteries is easy, making it a hassle-free experience. Not many electric scooter brands or units offer this feature, so it’s a very practical feature that the E-Glide G60 has. The overall charging time can take 3 to 4 hours which is an expected charging time for mid-range electric scooters.

Hill Climbing

As with any other mid-range electric scooters, the E-Glide G60 electric scooter allows you to climb inclines or hills from a range of 10 to 15 degrees. Unfortunately, since the scooter only has a single motor of 350 W, it can be difficult for some riders to ride uphill, depending on the slope, speed, and rider weight. Heavier riders travelling in 15-degree hills slows down the E-Glide G60. So, this is something to keep in mind.


The electric scooter is one of the lightest in the industry with only 12.5 kg. Most portable electric scooters usually weigh around 12 to 13.5 kg. It also has a compact build which measures 1056 X 420 X 1166 mm when unfolded and 1056 X 420 X 450 mm when folded. It also has an easy folding and unfolding mechanism, helping riders to set up their ride easily whenever and wherever.

Dashboard and Controls

The dashboard and controls provide a minimalist layout as it features a bright display screen and only two buttons in an ergonomic throttle. The display shows your current speed, speed mode, battery. The E-Glide G60 offers an optional wide bar kit, allowing you to extend your handlebars, helping you have more stability and control as you ride. This option is also one of the unique features of the E-Glide G60.


The E-Glide G60 scooter features the standard LED front, tail, and brake lights. The brightness is alright even at night, but installing attachable front lights will increase your visibility on the road.


This electric scooter features a durable pair of tyres. Since it’s made of 8.5-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres, it is puncture-proof and can resist rough terrains, making your ride less bumpy and more comfortable. Just keep in mind that these kinds of tyres still wear out, so using them on off-road paths or rough terrains can still potentially damage the scooter. 


The scooter features three types of braking mechanisms, specifically a rear disc brake, foot brake, and a front electronic brake. Overall, the brakes are reliable and easy to handle. However, if you need to adjust the brakes, adjusting them is easy. This triple-braking system provides the safety that you need when you need to slow down or abruptly stop in any situation. Since the brakes are one of the most important parts of an electric scooter, the E-Glide G60 does a good job providing well-rounded safety features.


The E-Glide G60 comes in a sleek, minimalist design, and features two colours. Riders can choose between a black or silver design for the frame, but both designs sport a teal colour accent.

Ride Quality

The E-Glide G60 is a compact yet very comfortable ride. Its pneumatic tyres offer a toughness that allows riders to ride through any terrain without experiencing rough bumps. Thanks to its controls and intuitive design, it’s fairly easy to handle and maneuver. Overall, it’s a perfect electric scooter for your everyday commute because of its simple yet useful features. The E-Glide G60 is a safe and reliable electric scooter for everyday use.

Warranty / Post-Purchase Support

E-Glide provides a 1-year warranty for the electric scooter’s main body, including its deck, handlebar, control panel, charger, forks, motor, and charger. Meanwhile, the brand offers a 6-month warranty for the battery.

Pros & Cons

E-Glide G60



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Features a switchable battery system
  • Triple brake system
  • Simple, intuitive controls and dashboard
  • Pneumatic tyres
  • May not perform well on steep hills
  • Speed limit of 25 kph
  • Lack of suspension


Overall, the E-Glide G60 lives up to expectations considering its price point which is at 799 AUD. Due to its performance and build quality, it’s an electric scooter that will last riders as long as they care for it properly. Riders just need to keep in mind that this electric scooter is better suited for flat roads and surfaces. It’s best to avoid off-road tracks so as not to damage the electric scooter. Nonetheless, the E-Glide G60 is highly recommended as a good commuter electric scooter.

Hopefully, this E-Glide G60 review helped you learn more about the product. Get the E-Glide G60 for the best price here in Scoot City, or check our other electric scooter reviews.