How the Mearth GTS Destroys the Unagi E500


At first glance, the Mearth GTS and Unagi Model One E500 may seem different from each other to compare them, but both are similar in providing powerful and premium features.

The Mearth GTS is a newly launched foldable electric scooter that’s part of Mearth’s GTS Series. The product features two models: the GTS and GTS Max. Both are designed for off-road capabilities with its robust built and powerful batteries. Whether it’s for everyday travel around the city or on rough terrains, the Mearth GTS is a great electric scooter that can take you anywhere.

Meanwhile, the Unagi Model One is the only product that Unagi offers which includes the variants E200 and E500. The E500 offers a lightweight and easy-to-use scooter with a premium build and powerful features. It’s meant to be convenient, aesthetically-pleasing, and low maintenance while also being long-lasting.

Despite its striking differences, the two models were both designed to be powerful and long-lasting. However, the Unagi E500 has finally met its match since the Mearth GTS arrived in the premium market.

Let’s take a closer look at their similarities and differences, and see how the Mearth GTS could destroy the Unagi E500.


Tech Specs

Mearth GTS Unagi E500
Max Speed 50 km/h 25 km/h
Max Range 70 km 25 km
Weight 29 kg 10.99 kg
Max Rider Weight 150 kg 120 kg
Motor 1200 to 1600 W 500 W
Charging Time 3.5 to 6 hours 4 to 5 hours
Speed Modes Eco, Sport, Sport + Eco, Standard, Pro
Hill Climb 30 degrees 15 degrees



Mearth GTS Ninebot KickScooter MAX
  • Off-road capabilities
  • Robust build
  • High-performance battery
  • Long range and high maximum speed
  • 30-degree climb ability
  • Sleek, lightweight, and portable design
  • Durable build despite its weight
  • Low maintenance
  • Unique airless tires


Top Speed

The Mearth GTS has a speed limit of 25 km/h for footpaths, but it can reach up to 50 km/h for off-road tracks. It’s also worth taking note that the GTS Max, another model in the GTS series, reaches speeds of up to 70 km/h. Both models are one of the fastest among premium brands.

On the other hand, the Unagi E500 has a limit of 25 km/h and can be upgraded to 32 km/h after a sequence of inputs. 



Because of the Mearth GTS’ powerful and long-lasting battery, it can ride up to 70 km in Eco mode for flat and rough surfaces. Meanwhile, the GTS Max can drive for long distances of up to 100 km in just a single charge.

On the other hand, the Unagi electric scooter reaches up to 26 km in a single battery charge and under flat surfaces.


Ride Quality

Riders can feel the GTS’ durability, especially when it comes to off-road tracks. Whether it’s rocky or muddy terrain or a rough or flat surface, the GTS provides stability, comfort, and safety.

On the other hand, the Unagi electric scooter also provides a smooth and comfortable ride on flat roads. Because of its sleek and intuitive design, riders can experience travelling with ease. However, despite its strong build and powerful dual motor, its low suspension makes it prone to rattling especially on rough surfaces or terrains.



The Mearth GTS is not a portable electric scooter due to its heavy weight. However, its weight makes it very sturdy to ride on, and it’s perfect for all kinds of paths and steep hills.

On the other hand, the Unagi E500 provides good portability due to its 10.99-kg weight and one-touch folding mechanism. After all, the Unagi electric scooter is designed for easy usability.



When it comes to tires, the Mearth GTS is slightly short of the Unagi E500. The Mearth scooter features solid 10-inch tires that both have a shock absorber. These tires provide a stable ride and higher ground clearance enhancing the rider’s overall travel experience, especially on rough tracks.

Meanwhile, one of Unagi’s greatest features is its unique airless tires that prevent flat tires, provide shock absorption, and reduce tire weight. Its unique air pocket design around the front and rear wheel act as a shock absorber allowing a more stable ride for airless tires. However, the scooter has less ground clearance given that the tires are only 7.5 inches in diameter, making rides slightly bumpy on rough surfaces.


Build Quality

Both units are on par when it comes to durability and high-performance. Both the Mearth GTS and Unagi E500 are made of premium materials and a sturdy design. Riders can easily see and feel the premium quality from both scooters. Both also have easy-grip handles, comfortable decks to stand on, and an IP54 dust and water-resistant rating.

However, the overall build and performance of the Mearth GTS are far better than the Unagi E500 given its long range, high speeds, and off-road capabilities. In terms of functionality, you could do more with the GTS and GTS Max.



When it comes to design, it’s a battle between ruggedness and sleekness. The Mearth GTS features a rugged skeleton-like design that screams “off-road”, as it was purposely made. Meanwhile, the Unagi E500 features a very sleek, elegant, and minimal design that is not commonly seen in electric scooters.

While the Mearth GTS was designed for durability, the Unagi E500 was designed for practicality as it also features a unique hinge mechanism for folding the scooter. Instead of locking the handlebar to the rear, as seen on most scooters, the Unagi scooter locks the steering tube in the front, leaving the handlebar hanging above the scooter’s rear. It’s a simple but clever design from Unagi.

Overall, both designs offer aesthetics and functionality, so it all goes down to the rider’s preference.



Although both are powerful scooters, the GTS provides a better battery capacity. Co-engineered by Mearth and LG, the GTS has a capacity of 13 Ah 48 V 624 Wh with a charging time of 3.5 to 6 hours. It’s also worth noting that the GTS Max offers a higher capacity of 20.4 Ah 52 V 1,061 Wh with the same charge time, making it a very powerful and durable electric scooter. A single charge of the Mearth GTS takes riders up to 70 km in distance, while the GTS Max can drive up to 100 km. Indeed, the GTS Series is designed for heavy-duty off-road travel.

Meanwhile, the Unagi E500 provides high-quality, long-lasting electric batteries with a capacity of 9 Ah 33.6 V with a charging time of 4 to 5 hours. A single charge can drive for 26 km.



Both scooters offer a good 1-year warranty. However, Unagi has a 30-day return policy regardless if the scooter was already used.


Pros & Cons

Mearth GTS
Pros Cons
  • Heavy-duty build that’s made to last
  • Powerful motor and battery
  • Long range and high speeds
  • Perfect for any terrain or surface
  • 30-degree hill-climbing ability
  • Not portable
  • The design may not appeal to everyone


Unagi E500
Pros Cons
  • Sleek, comfortable, and intuitive design
  • Portable
  • Great for everyday use
  • Suitable for flat surfaces
  • Good warranty policy
  • Low suspension, prone to rattling
  • Not suitable for rough surfaces and terrains



The Mearth GTS and Unagi Model One E500 both cater to the premium market. Using high-quality and durable material, and sporting a premium design and build, both scooters provide riders with the best possible riding experience.

However, since both are premium models, both also have a premium price tag. You can get the Mearth GTS for $1,999, while the GTS Max is priced at $2,599. On the other hand, the Unagi E500 is priced at $1,645.

These are high price points for an electric scooter. However, it’s important to note that these prices correspond to the quality and value that each electric scooter offers. Given its off-road capabilities, long-lasting build, and high-performance battery and motor, the Mearth GTS’ price point is justifiable. On the other hand, the sleek and premium build, functionality, and portability of the Unagi E500 makes its price point understandable for a lightweight-type of scooter.

However, when pitted against each other, the Mearth GTS is a clear winner. Whether you use the GTS for everyday errands or for speeding through rough terrains for leisurely travel, the GTS and GTS Max can withstand all of these and last for a long time.

When choosing an electric scooter, always look at how the electric scooter will fit in your lifestyle. For those who want an everyday scooter around the city, the Unagi E500 offers a smooth and convenient riding experience. For those who prefer to take their electric scooters on muddy tracks or rocky terrains, the Mearth GTS offers a durable, safe, and long-lasting riding experience. However, if you prefer a great all-rounder, the Mearth GTS and GTS Max offer the best travel experience that makes their price point worth it.