Important Questions to Ask Before Buying an Electric Scooter

Electric scooters were originally seen as an expensive adult plaything disguised as a tech gadget. After scooter-sharing companies introduced e-scooters to the public, it has proven to be a more affordable mode of transportation to get around the city, potentially saving you from traffic and crowded trains. The electric scooter Xiaomi in Australia has become one of the most common among commuters. The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter was once used by Bird and has now become a popular choice for beginners due to its affordable price tag.

Typically, the first questions that you will ask as a consumer are the price and the features. But there are other considerations that you need to look into before buying your first electric scooter. Here are the important questions you need to ask:

1. Is it legal to use an electric scooter in my city?

Regulations for electric scooters in Australia vary. Electric scooter laws allow a certain speed and power output for it to be street legal, depending on where you’re going to use it. If you don’t meet the requirements, the electric scooter will be classified as a motor vehicle. In this case, the electric scooter needs to be registered and the rider must have a valid motorcycle license.

Be sure to research your city’s laws on electric scooters before making a purchase.

2. What am going use it for?

Electric scooters are fun to use, which makes it tempting to buy the fastest one you can find. Before making a beeline to a dual-motor electric scooter with a maximum speed of 75 km/h, first, you need to consider what you’re going to use it for.

If you’re going to commute around the city with good road conditions and not a lot of steep hills, a budget electric scooter is a good choice. In general, they weigh around 26 lbs. and a maximum range of 8-10 miles at a price of $600-$900. The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter is a popular choice because of its price.

If your commute has mixed road conditions, a few steep hills, and requires a longer range than the budget scooter, you can take a look at mid-range scooters that sell for $900-$1200. They have a larger battery for more power and range. 

However, if your commute is a bumpy ride that requires you to go off-road from time to time, you can go for a premium electric scooter. They come with suspension, larger motors, better brakes, and larger batteries as compared to budget and mid-range scooters. They sell for $1200-$1500.

A budget or mid-range scooter would be best if you’re buying for the first time. They don’t require a huge investment and have a manageable speed for beginners.

3. What are things I should take a note of when looking at specs?

You will never really know how an electric scooter performs until you ride it. Here are some considerations that you need to remember when browsing through its features: 

  • Your actual top speed depends upon your weight. The weight indicated in the specifications is the maximum the electric scooter can carry.  
  • More power comes with more weight. If you need a high-performance electric scooter, you have to sacrifice portability. 
  • Safety is better than speed. If you’re a beginner and commuting in the city, it’s safer to start at minimum speeds to avoid injury. 

List down your priorities and buy an electric scooter that fits your needs best.

4. Are there aftermarket accessories and parts available for the electric scooter I chose?

Wear and tear will eventually set in when your electric scooter becomes a regular part of your commute.

If you’re buying a locally made electric scooter, you can easily buy parts from the manufacturer. If your electric scooter is from overseas, you can look at aftermarket parts for replacements to reduce shipping costs and avoid delays. This, however, will depend on availability. The Xiaomi m365 electric scooter has a variety of aftermarket parts and accessories because it’s popular.

Ultimately, it’s best to buy a locally made electric scooter to avoid any problems with shipping and repair.

These questions will help you make a better choice when shopping for electric scooters. Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed a fun and convenient ride in the city without having to worry about gas, parking, and the rush hour. Having an emission-free personal vehicle is an added bonus!