Kaabo Mantis Single Motor Review: A Durable and Long-range Electric Scooter


Although it only runs on a single motor, the Kaabo Mantis Single Motor electric scooter packs a punch with its high specs, durable build, and powerful features. It boasts a dual suspension, sturdy Aluminium build, multi-function LCD, and powerful motor. The e-scooter’s eye-catching rugged design also makes it a part of its distinguishing features. This Kaabo Mantis Single Motor review will break down its different specs and features to show why this is the perfect e-scooter for long-range, high-performance travels.

Tech Specs

Kaabo Mantis Single Motor

Top Speed

35 kph

Max Range

50 km


22 kg

Max Load

120 kg


500 W

Charging Time

4 to 6 hours


Kaabo Mantis Single Motor

  • Dual suspension
  • 10-inch pneumatic tyres
  • 500W motor hub and 48V brushless motor
  • Front and rear dual disc brakes
  • Up to 50 km of range on Eco mode
  • Durable ride on any terrain

Top Speed

To comply with the electric scooter laws in Australia, the Kaabo Mantis Single Motor scooter can only run up to a speed of 25 kph in public. However, like some electric scooters in the market, this speed can be overridden so that riders can drive to a speed of up to 35 kph. However, riders are advised to only reach these speeds if they are within a safe, controlled, and private area. Otherwise, riding speeds higher than 25 kph will be considered illegal.

Max Range

The Kaabo Mantis Single Motor electric scooter is one of the high-end e-scooters that offers a decent range for its price. It can take riders up to a maximum distance of 50 km. However, this range is only achievable on Eco mode. Moreover, like other e-scooter models, riders should keep in mind that the maximum range of a scooter varies significantly on several factors such as motor use, rider weight, terrain, and speed, among others.


To give riders the longest possible range, the Kaabo Mantis Single Motor battery system features a 13 AH Lithium-ion battery. Although the battery system is non-swappable and non-upgradeable, this Kaabo scooter makes up for its powerful and efficient battery. Moreover, it only has a charging time of 4 to 6 hours. With this, riders can be confident that they will not run out of battery when they need it most.


This electric scooter was made for durability, so it’s not surprising that it’s one of the heavier models on the market. The Kaabo Mantis Single Motor scooter weighs a hefty 22 kg. It can still be carried by an adult, but riders would need to exert more effort or strength to carry or move it. On the bright side, its weight allows it to have a maximum rider capacity of 120 kg, which is more than an average electric scooter can carry. If you’re not looking for portability, this Kaabo electric scooter is a good durable and long-range travel companion.

Dashboard and Controls

The Kaabo Mantis Single Motor electric scooter features a minimal dashboard and control system, keeping riders away from distraction and allowing them to steer with more control. The dashboard features a multi-function LCD showing the scooter’s battery, speed, trip ODO, cruise control, and more.


The Kaabo Mantis Single Motor scooter has a front LED light, blue underbody and rear tail, and brake lights. The lights’ brightness is enough for riders to see clearly at night.


This Kaabo electric scooter features large 10-inch pneumatic or air-filled tyres and offers quality dual suspension. This makes it easy for riders to traverse through any kind of terrain. However, riders should be careful not to wear down their tyres, so as not to damage or lessen the quality of the tyres.


Similar to countless electric scooters in the market, this Kaabo scooter uses mechanical disc brakes. These brakes are commonly used in the industry because of it provides a powerful brake that’s lightweight, flexible to dry and wet conditions, and easy to maintain. Overall, the Kaabo Mantis Single Motor scooter provides a quick and reliable braking system.


The Kaabo Mantis Single Motor electric scooter gives off a slightly unique design that makes it easy to distinguish from average e-scooters in the market. For one, the model comes in a black frame with red accents on the base. This gives it a unique and street-style look that’s memorable and eye-catching for people.

Ride Quality

Riding this Kaabo electric scooter is a thrilling experience for those who are looking for speed and long rides. Its dual suspension makes it more stable, reliable, and easier to maneuver even on rocky, sandy, or inclined paths. Moreover, you can feel its durability due to its heavy weight and sturdy aluminium frame. Overall, the Kaabo Mantis Single Motor scooter offers a speedy and durable ride perfect for long travels.

Pros & Cons

Kaabo Mantis Single Motor Review



  • Dual suspension
  • High-powered battery system
  • Great for long rides on any terrain
  • Sturdy frame and tyres
  • It may be expensive compared to other models of the same range or specs
  • Not portable


The Kaabo Mantis Single Motor electric scooter makes itself distinct among other models due to its durability and long-range capabilities. Given its high-spec performance, it’s an electric scooter that will surely last. Despite its high price, this e-scooter is a good investment, especially if it caters to your needs. Overall, grab the Kaabo Mantis Single Motor e-scooter if you’re looking for a long-lasting, sturdy, and long-range e-scooter for daily commutes or off-road travelling.

Hopefully, this Kaabo Mantis Single Motor electric scooter review helped you learn more about this Kaabo product. Scoot City offers the best price for a range of e-scooter models, so browse our shop to see other durable and long-range electric scooters in the market.