Mearth S Review: Beat Traffic Conveniently


When it comes to getting an electric scooter, some people only need a standard everyday e-scooter that helps bypass traffic efficiently. The Mearth S is one of those scooters, except it brings more value than most standard electric scooters. The Mearth S electric scooter is a product from Mearth Technology, Australia’s first e-scooter brand recognised for its innovative scooters. It features a durable, lightweight, foldable scooter that’s powerful enough for daily commutes.

Aside from its lightweight design, one of its highlights is its swappable battery system. Riders can simply switch to a new battery and extend their trip every time their current battery runs out. This makes it perfect for long commutes or even long travels for leisure. Overall, the Mearth S is designed to make travelling more convenient and longer for all riders. 

Learn more about the Mearth S and if it’s the right one for you in this Mearth electric scooter review.

Tech Specs

Mearth S

Top Speed

32 kph

Max Range

25 km


12.5 kg

Max Load

110 kg


300 W

Charging Time

2 to 4 hours


Mearth S Pro

  • Compact, light, and portable design
  • Colour display screen
  • One-second folding mechanism
  • Reliable disk brake

Top Speed

The Mearth S has a maximum speed of 25 kph, but you can still increase your speed up to 32 kph. It also has three speed modes namely Eco, Standard, and Sports. However, it’s recommended not to reach these speeds unless you are in a safe and controlled environment. Moreover, remember to know your state’s speed limit for electric scooters before heading out on the road.


This Mearth scooter has a maximum range of 25 km in a single charge. Depending on your speed, weight, and the path you’re taking, your range could go lower. However, the Mearth S enables you to swap batteries so you can extend your trip to another 25 km. As long as you have enough batteries with you, it’s enough to go wherever you need to go.


The Mearth S offers a 230.4 Wh battery. This unit also features a replaceable battery system. You can switch batteries and extend the range of your travel to another 25 km. The batteries are portable and light enough to carry inside a backpack. Moreover, it only takes 2 to 4 hours to charge the batteries.

Hill Climbing

The Mearth S can climb an uphill of up to 15 degrees in slope. The scooter will slow down a bit as it goes uphill, but it will depend on the speed you’re going and your weight.

Ride Quality

Despite its slim and lightweight design, the Mearth S offers a stable and smooth riding experience. It has a suspension of 110 mm. It's a good suspension height for travelling most types of roads or paths. It also has a cruise control feature, so you can maintain the same speed without touching your accelerator continuously. Overall, riding the Mearth S electric scooter is smooth and enjoyable.


This Mearth e-scooter is one of the most portable models in the brand’s line of electric scooters. It has a 12.5 kg net weight, and it has a compact size of 1073 x 420 x 450 mm. This makes it very easy to store at home or in small public spaces. Its one-second folding mechanism also makes it easy to fold and keep, adding to its portability.


Upon seeing the dashboard, you immediately notice its coloured display screen that shows all your riding information, such as the current speed and speed modes. Under the sun, the display is bright enough to be seen, and the colour helps in its readability.


The Mearth S has a standard LED headlight and taillight which can be switched on and off through your controls.


The Mearth S features 8.5-inch pneumatic tires that give just enough suspension for a comfortable ride. The tires may not be shock absorbent, but it still offers a smooth ride.

Build Quality

This Mearth scooter feels very solid and durable despite its weight. It doesn’t feel flimsy, and the frame offers good support. Overall, it feels like a very sturdy electric scooter that you can use for everyday commutes.


The Mearth S has a slim frame and minimalist black design with red accents. It gives a very sleek and modern design that is very appealing. Overall, the Mearth S offers a stylish electric scooter and provides a comfortable scooter from its intuitive handles to the wide deck.

Warranty / Post-Purchase Support

Mearth offers a two-year warranty for the frame and a one-year warranty for the battery and motor. Mearth also offers an Australian after-sales and repair support, so feel free to call them in case of any concerns.

Pros & Cons

Mearth S



  • Compact, light, and portable
  • Replaceable battery system
  • 2 to 4 hours of charging time
  • Coloured display 
  • Great, responsive customer service
  • Durable built despite the light weight
  • Max range depends on factors such as rider weight and speed 
  • Offers only one kind of brake


Ultimately, the Mearth S is a very convenient electric scooter to have. If you’re looking for a portable e-scooter, this is one of the lightest and most compact scooters that you can find in the market. Moreover, the swappable battery feature makes it a good scooter for long trips. No matter how far you need to travel, just carry multiple batteries with you, and you are sure to reach your destination.