Mearth Tech Announces New Mearth S Pro Electric Scooter

Mearth Technology announced a new electric scooter that will be available in September. The electric scooter brand is a local company focused on providing personal transport tools in Australia. Their new electric scooter, the Mearth S Pro,  is an upgrade to the Mearth S.

At first glance at the specs, it is clear that the Mearth S Pro is for long-range commuting. The 350 W motor (peaks at 750W) provides a top speed of 32 km/h and a range of 45 km. The 10-inch pneumatic tires and hot-swappable battery ensures a long comfortable ride. 

Commuters looking for an affordable mid-range electric scooter with balanced features will enjoy the Mearth S Pro. It promises to be a smooth ride for many short trips or one long journey any day. It’s one of the most anticipated releases here at Scoot City and Mearth has promised to provide us with a unit for review. We will feature the scooter once it’s released and find out if it’s worth upgrading your ride to the Mearth S Pro. 

For more information on Mearth S Pro electric scooter, go to the Mearth website