Segway E22 Electric Scooter Review: Revamped ES1

The Segway E22 was released last May in Australia. The electric scooter was only available in the Chinese market until it was made available here. Xiaomi – a partner of Ninebot – released new electric scooters with cosmetic upgrades. Let’s see if the Segway E22 follows the same pattern. 

The Segway E22 Review

Build Quality 

If Xiaomi M365 and Segway ES2 had a baby, the result would be the Segway E22. It has a matte finish that gives it a sleek look. Ninebot points out that it’s made of Aviation-level aluminum frame. Typically, aircraft-grade aluminum is just a buzzword that means the alloy used has the same composition with alloys used by aircraft. Regardless, it looks and feels as sturdy as any Segway scooter. 

Ninebot removed the swag under-deck LEDs from the ES2 and added a 2.4W LED headlight. The rest of the features are pretty much the same. It weighs a little more at 13.5 kgs, but that’s a typical weight of a midrange scooter. 

On paper, the Segway E22 is an upgrade of the Segway ES2. However, there are key differences that make it a revamp of Segway ES1 instead.

Compared to the Segway ES2, the Segway E22 has:  

    • 9-inch flat-free tires
    • no suspension
    • no under-deck LEDs
    • a bell 
    • improved stem screws 

The Segway E22 costs $999. It’s more expensive than the ES2 at $799. The price also places it in the midrange category, where its speed, range, and battery capacity is easily outclassed by its competitors like the upcoming Mearth S Pro. This midrange electric scooter has a 350W motor, 40km range, and a hot-swappable 360Wh Panasonic battery that can also be expanded.

Speed and Range 

The segway E22 has a 300 W motor (peaks at 700W), a top speed of 20 km/h, a maximum range of 22 km, and a 184 Wh battery. This is the same as ES2, but with less speed and range according to specs.

The E22 boasts of top speeds as advertised with the same tested range of the ES2 at 15 km/h. This can be extended through the external battery. On the plus side, the E22 provides better acceleration and 15% hill climb performance (at Standard mode) than the ES2. 

Ride Performance 

The 9-inch tires provide a comfortable ride. You don’t have to worry about going through the agonizing experience of replacing a pneumatic tire. The flat-free tire has PU foaming material inside instead of air. While it requires less maintenance, it still can’t replace a suspension mechanism. 

Is it worth buying the Segway E22? 

If your Segway ES2 is still in good shape, there’s practically no incentive for spending $999 more. You’ll get more pep from your E22, but at this price, you can buy a new decent midrange electric scooter. 


    • 9-inch flat-free tires 
    • 2.4 W headlight 
    • better acceleration and hill climb than ES2 


    • expensive for its features   
    • not an upgrade to ES2 

The Segway E22 is a revamp of ES1 and at best, a minor yet expensive update to ES2. It improves the slow acceleration and hill climb of the E22, but there are other better electric scooters at its price range.  

Ninebot is making incremental upgrades to their existing product line-up. Electric scooter Xioami in Australia has received success as a budget scooter. We assume that these choices are intended to keep their models in the budget price range where they excel. While the E22 isn’t exactly a cosmetic upgrade to the ES2, the price tag hardly gives you a bang for your buck.