The Electric Scooter Price Guide in Australia

Love them or hate them, it can’t be denied that electric scooters are fun and convenient. While there are plenty of electric scooters that you can rent, smart commuters know that you’re better off buying one. There are electric scooters on sale that doesn’t need to be a Xiaomi or Segway to provide the features you are looking for. You get what you pay for, and this is no more evident among rideable technologies than the electric scooter. 

The price of an electric scooter varies, which also determines what features you’ll get. These are general configurations that are common in their respective price range. 

Budget: $600 – $900

Budget electric scooters are also regarded as entry-level scooters because of their affordable price. You’ll get a 250W motor, 8.5 solid or pneumatic tyres and front regenerative or electronic/rear disc brake. The top speed and maximum range are 25 km or less. The basic extra features are bell (or horn) front/rear lights and a few reflectors. Some have a display and mobile app. 

Overall, the quality will depend on whether you’re at the lower or higher end of that range. The pricier budget scooters have better accessories (see: Xioami m365 vs Xiaomi 1S), but the performance you’ll get is pretty much the same. 

Budget electric scooters are good for short trips and flat roads. They’re the lightest and most portable type of electric scooter. They’re good for students and budget-conscious buyers. 

Midrange: $900  – $1200

Midrange electric scooters offer a bit more than its budget counterpart. You’ll get a 350W motor, 8.5-inch pneumatic tyres, and front regenerative/rear disc brake (some have foot brake). The top speed and maximum range are 25-35km. You’re guaranteed a display. Some have brighter 2W or 5W headlights.   

Overall, the quality of these electric scooters is a bit more dependable than you’re budget electric scooter. They provide longer trips, which makes them a good fit for people who want a commuter electric scooter but don’t want to spend less than or a few hundred over $1000. 

You can use midrange electric scooters to commute around the city with small hills. They’re bigger tyres are more comfortable for longer trips than what a budget scooter can offer. 

Premium: $1200 – $1500

This price range is where it gets interesting. Retailers mix and match basic features with costlier specs. 

You’ll get a 500W motor, which gives a top speed and max range of 40-50km. You’ll have access to better features including tubeless tyres, dual suspension, drum brake and frame lighting. Some are ultracompact with foldable handlebar and adjustable stem. You won’t find all of these in one electric scooter, so you need to determine which ones you need the most. 

Overall, premium electric scooters are sleek commuter scooters for hilly roads. You can get features that are commonly available in high-performance electric scooters. At this price range, electric scooters start tipping at 13kg. This isn’t the heaviest, but if you need to walk up a few stairs, this isn’t the most comfortable to carry around for long.  

High-performance:  $1500 – $2000

High-performance electric scooters are essentially commuter electric scooters capable of light off-road use. You’ll get a 700-1000W motor, wide deck, dual spring suspension, 9-inch or more pneumatic tyres, a front disc/rear drum brakes, LED front/rear lights, and frame lighting. Retailers also offer high-quality batteries as optional.   

Overall, the quality of high-performance electric scooters is more consistent than its less expensive peers. You’ll get a top speed and maximum range of 40-50km. This is excessive when it comes to the speed limit, but they’re the most comfortable commuter electric scooters you can get in the market. 

High-performance electric scooters are for riders who want an electric vehicle for commuting and recreational use. At this price range, you’ll get a rugged-looking scooter that will let you breeze through unpaved and cobblestone roads. They could weigh up to 18kg, but still compact enough for the trunk of your car.  

Extreme: $2500 and above

Extreme electric scooters are designed for off-road use. This guarantees you dual 1000W-1200W motors, 10-inch pneumatic tyres (or tubeless), and two controllers (single or dual-motor). Depending on the retailer, you can get hydraulic suspension and brakes as stock or optional. You’ll get the same extra features of high-performance electric scooters. 

Extreme electric scooters have a top speed of 60km-80km/h with a maximum range of 80-100km. This requires experience and safety gear. They’re generally well-made scooters, but they require a huge investment. The Weped CC costs USD $7000. 

Extreme electric scooters are for those who intend to regularly go off-road. If you have the private property to make use of all that power and vehicle to transport it, then why not? Be sure to refer to electric scooter laws before you spend thousands of dollars on a scooter. 

Sometimes, retailers come up with their own “flavours” to entice buyers. So these prices and configurations are not set in stone. 

There are unicorns who offer more than their price range, but they aren’t easy to find. The EMove Touring is a premium electric scooter with a dual suspension. The TurboWheel Swift is a midrange electric scooter with a drum brake, suspension, and a solid/tube tyre combination. The Mearth S Pro is another midrange electric scooter with a removable battery. With the exception of the Mearth S Pro, these electric scooters are sold by retailers from the US (the TurboWheel is out of stock).   

There are also overpriced electric scooters. The Unagi Model One, Segway T15, Mercedes-Benz eScooter and BMW E-scooter have the price of a premium electric scooter but have the specs of a budget scooter. 

Apart from the electric scooter’s price, take a look at the specs. Ask yourself, what do you really need from an electric scooter? There are a wide variety of electric scooters in the market that when you feel the need for speed, you can always upgrade. 

Disclaimer: Prices are approximate based on current market and subject to change without prior notice.