Top 3 Electric Scooters for Brisbane Commuters

Electric scooters are being embraced across Australia. There are few, such as NSW, that still won’t budge – which isn’t doing any favours for its reputation as a nanny state – but trials were being considered until the coronavirus pandemic came. Regulations for electric scooters in other states had been put in place, so you can enjoy it post-crisis. 

Electric scooter laws in Australia don’t exactly make scooting fun, but it does help reduce injuries on the road. You can still get all the benefits of an electric scooter for commuting in the city while still following the rules. Okay, you may have to wear a helmet and look a bit silly, but that’s a small price to pay for safety. We’ve rounded up the best electric scooters for commuters in Australia.  

Go-Trax Commuter V2

We’ve recommended the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter for beginners in a previous post. However, the lacklustre yet more expensive upgrade Xiaomi Electric Scooter 1S has led to us reconsider the GXL V2, which has a 2020 version. The main reason is that at $300 you get a sturdy electric scooter with decent features. 

The GXL V2 has a tested speed of 21 km/h and a range of 16.3 km on a single charge. If you’re at the lower end of its weight capacity (99 kgs) you’ll get 13 km range. It has a 250W motor, 8.5 pneumatic tyres, and a rear disc brake. Unlike the Xioami, it doesn’t fold at the stem, it has a latch attached to the deck with a safety pin. This makes the GXL V2 less likely to get loose and wobbly. It has the standard set of extras including an LED display that you wouldn’t expect at its price range. You’ll need to buy a tail light if you want to ride this at night. 

The GXL V2 is a steal because it has features that you’ll get from electric scooters twice its price. If you just need short trips around the city, you can take this anywhere where electric scooters are legal in Australia. 

Mearth S Pro

mearth s pro

The Mearth S Pro is a long-range commuter electric scooter. It’s an upgrade of Mearth S from local electric scooter brand Mearth Technology. This brand is not as popular as other scooter brands like Segway and Xiaomi because they don’t deliver outside of the country. 

At $950 you get an electric scooter that runs and lasts as advertised – a top speed of 32 km/h and a range of 45km on a single charge. On top of this, it has a 350-W motor, 10-inch tyres, triple braking system, and a hot-swappable battery. The extras are standard, with a 5W headlight. It is a much lighter ride compared to the Ninebot Max, which was designed for rideshare. It performs better than the E-Move Touring in terms of speed and range. There’s the Xioami Pro 2, but the hot-swappable battery is more practical. 

Mearth S Pro will be released in September. If you need a long-ranger that can manage moderately steep hills it’s a great choice. It has a top speed that’s faster than the general speed limit of 25 km/h for electric scooters. But as long as you keep an eye on your LED coloured display and have an AU standard approved bike helmet, you won’t get fined. 

Zero 9

Zero 9 is easily recognizable because of its swag lighting and ground effects. But this premium electric scooter does have the specs to make it a worthy investment. You’ll have to spend $1500 plus on this electric scooter, but you’re not just getting a fancy gadget. 

At this price Zero 9 gives you the most features in its weight class. It has a tested speed of 45 km/h and a range of 34 km. It comes with 9-inch pneumatic tyres paired with disc and drum brakes. The spacious deck provides 4-inch ground clearance. It’s moderately heavy at 18 kgs because of its features and a 600W motor (peaks at 1200W). But it’s still compact because of a foldable handlebar.  

We’ve recommended the Zero 9 before and we’re recommending it again because it’s versatile. It provides a more comfortable ride compared to the Mercane WideWheel and Unagi Model One. While it has less speed and range than the Kaabo Skywalker, it’s more portable and lighter. Zero 9 is the best commuter electric scooter that’s capable of going off-road. 

The electric scooter Xioami in Australia has had a good run. If you’re buying a last-mile solution post-crisis, these three choices provide a great value for money. You can choose between the best budget choice, an underrated Sydney electric scooter brand, and a versatile ride.