Top 5 Electric Scooters for Beginners

The saying goes like this: you get what you pay for. Fortunately, the best electric scooters have a fair balance between price, performance, and quality. 

Typically, beginners start with budget electric scooters. It doesn’t require a huge investment in a vehicle that you’re still trying to learn how to use. However, once you consider more features that you will need in the long-run, the price inevitably goes up too. 

We rounded up a list of electric scooters for beginners, so you won’t have to. If you’re looking for an entry-level model, but still want robust enough features to serve your daily commute in the city, this list is for you. We picked the best electric scooters across three price categories – budget, mid-range, and premium. 



Xiaomi M365  / Price: $600+

You can’t have a list of top 5 entry-level e-scooters without the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. It is suitable for beginners on a budget and a short commute with flat roads. 


    • Motor: 250 W (peaks at 500W) + 280Wh Battery 
    • Tested top speed: 26.8 km/h
    • Tested range: 23km 
    • Weight: 12 kg   
    • Maximum weight capacity: 99 kg 



    • Affordable entry-level e-scooter with basic yet essential features 
    • Lightweight and easy to carry 
    • 7.5-inch Pneumatic tires compensate for lack of suspension 
    • Regenerative brake in the front and disc brake in the rear 
    • Mobile app for rider statistics 
    • Customizable firmware that can change speed parameters (voids warranty) 
    • Slow yet sustained climb with an average speed of 10 km/h on 10% grade hill (70kg+ rider)
    • Wide variety of aftermarket parts and accessories due to popularity


    • Pneumatic tires may get punctured after regular use  
    • Replacement of tires require experience
    • Folding mechanism is more complex than most electric scooters and faulty in older models  
    • Not compact
    • Charge time of 5 hours 



Segway Ninebot Kickscooter Max / Price: $1200+

Typically, most guides online would recommend one of the Segway ES series next to the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. However, Segway ES2 has similar features. The Segway ES4 is essentially just ES2 with a bigger battery. If you want something better than the electric scooter Xiaomi in Australia, the Segway Kickscooter Max is the next best option. 


    • Motor: 350 W (peaks at 700 W) + 551 Wh battery 
    • Tested top speed: 31 km/h
    • Tested range: 45 km 
    • Weight: 19 kg   
    • Maximum weight capacity: 99 kg 


    • Designed for the scooter-sharing market, giving it a great range and durability    
    • Could be used on wet roads with an IPX5 rating 
    • Thicker stem, higher handlebar, and larger deck than the Xiaomi M365 electric scooter
    • The mobile app includes a pedestrian mode for added safety 
    • Bright LED display; easy to see on sunlight  
    • Similar but more solid folding system than the Xiaomi 
    • “Self-healing” 10-inch pneumatic tires have tire slime to prevent punctures 
    • Rear drum brake 
    • Average speed of 14 km/h on 10% grade hill (70kg+ rider)
    • Built-in DC converter which lets you charge it with a standard power cable
    • Rear-wheel drive that’s uncommon in midrange scooters 


    • Cumbersome for those who prefer light and small electric scooters 
    • The software reportedly causes a brake alert error but could be fixed with a reset 
    • Top speed dips to 25km/h when the battery life drops below 50%
    • Difficult to start when you’re at the bottom of a hill 
    • Braking distance of 17 feet 
    • Charge time of 6 hours


E-TWOW GT 2020 / Price: $1400+

E-TWOW GT is an ultraportable electric scooter that provides a good balance between power and portability. This mid-range electric scooter is a great choice for beginners who want a compact model that can be stored in small spaces and carried in public transportation.


    • Motor: 700 W + 504 Wh Samsung battery 
    • Tested top speed: 37 km/h
    • Tested range: 24 km
    • Weight: 12.5 kg
    • Maximum weight capacity: 124 kg


    • Most powerful, fastest, and longest-ranged electric scooter in the ultraportable category and among scooters that weigh less than 13 kg  
    • Large, backlit, LCD with rubberized buttons  
    • Compact: 3-point folding system with built-in nylon carrying handle
    • Has the largest deck in its class 20.2” x 5.8”   
    • A dual suspension that’s more common in high-performance electric scooters 
    • Rear drum brake  
    • Better hill climb performance than the Ninebot Max; average speed of 15km/h on 10% grade hill (70kg+ rider), good acceleration even if the battery is low    
    • Samsung battery with a charge time of 3.5 hours 


    • The display is not bright under the sunlight  
    • Narrow handlebars
    • Exposed wire 
    • Electronic and drum brake needs to be used at the same time to get the optimum braking distance of 15 feet  
    • Instead of a bell it has a beeping sound 
    • No cruise control 



Zero 9 / Price: $1500+

Zero 9 is an entry to the premium range of electric scooters. It’s great for commuters who need to traverse mixed road conditions. If you want a high-performance electric scooter but don’t have the budget for a Kaabo or Dualtron, this is a great choice.  


    • Motor: 600 W (peak power of 1200 W) + 624 Wh LG battery 
    • Tested speed: 45.7 km/h
    • Tested range: 34.9 km 
    • Weight: 18 kg 
    • Maximum weight capacity: 99 kg 


    • Versatile electric scooter for daily commuting and light off-road use 
    • Electric scooter with the most features in its weight class 
    • Powerful yet quiet motor: accelerates 40km/h in 11 seconds  
    • Wide handlebar which can also be folded 
    • Simple LCD with P-settings that lets you adjust regenerative braking strength
    • Modestly compact with solid screw-type folding system  
    • 20.5” x 7.7” spacious deck with 4 inches of ground clearance  
    • Front and rear 9-inch pneumatic tires 
    • Dual suspension    
    • Front disc brake and rear drum brake  
    • Impressive braking distance at 10.2 feet 
    • Average speed of 16 km/h on 10% grade hill (70kg+ rider)
    • LED strips on the stem and either side of deck for additional lighting
    • Rear-wheel drive 
    • An official distributor that ships worldwide 


    • Front and tail lights are mounted low 
    • It takes a few minutes to fold 

Unagi Model One (Dual Motor) / Price: 1600+

When it comes to entry-level scooters, the Unagi Model One is the stylish contender to the affordable Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. If you want a model that doesn’t look like your average electric scooter and have the money to spare, this one’s for you. 


    • Motor: Dual 250W + 282 Wh LG Battery 
    • Tested speed: 32 km/h 
    • Tested range: 13 km
    • Weight: 10 kg 
    • Maximum weight capacity: 124 kg


    • Futuristic and customizable look 
    • Fastest acceleration in its weight class: 24km/h in 4.4 seconds 
    • Option to switch between single and dual motor 
    • The stem is made of carbon fiber 
    • Ergonomic handlebar made of magnesium alloy 
    • One-click stainless steel hinge folding system   
    • The sleek deck is made of a singular piece of aluminum with silicon on top for skid resistance 
    • Unique 7.5-inch airless puncture-proof tires 
    • Intuitive dual electric brakes   
    • Average speed of 18 km/h on 10% grade hill but slower than the E-TWOW GT
    • 47 Lumen front lights
    • Very easy out of the box assembly 
    • Above industry standard warranty 


    • No cruise control 
    • Can be unlocked for higher top speed, but may not be street legal according to electric scooter laws 
    • Steep price for a small electric scooter that is only fit for flat roads 


Honourable Mentions:

    • Turbowheel Swift – well-balanced and versatile, but the manufacturer does not ship outside of US/Canada. 
    • Xiaomi M365 Pro – a step-up from the original, but it’s outperformed by the Ninebot Max.  
    • Go Trax GXL V2 – less costly than the Xiaomi M365, but has less speed and range 
    • Boosted Rev – heavier and more expensive than the Unagi Model One 

There is no perfect electric scooter and it all depends on what you need for your commute. Determine the important features that you need from an electric scooter and set a budget to find out which is the right fit. Make sure to research your local city’s electric scooter laws before making a purchase.