Unagi E500 Review: An E-scooter Designed for Function and Style


Despite its simple design, the Unagi Model One E500 catches your eye with its futuristic look and sleek frame that’s rare to see in electric scooter models. The Unagi Model One E500 is the only electric scooter model from Unagi, and it features a lightweight, foldable electric scooter that has a premium build and powerful features. 

The Unagi E500 is built for aesthetics, convenience, low maintenance, and durability, making it a long-lasting electric scooter. Discover more about this modern and premium electric scooter in this Unagi E500 review.

Tech Specs

Check out the Unagi E500 specs below.

Top Speed

25 kph

Max Range

25 km


10.99 kg

Max Load

120 kg



Charging Time

4 to 5 hours

Climbing Angle

15 degrees


7.5-inch, solid tyres

IP Rating

IP54 (dust and water-resistant)


  • Sleek, minimalist, and aesthetic design
  • 500-1000W motor power (dual motor)
  • 10.99 kg weight
  • IP54 rating
  • 120 kg maximum load

Top Speed

The Unagi E500 has a top speed of 25 kph. However, other riders and reviews have reported that the e-scooter can go up to 32 kph after unlocking this max speed through a series of inputs.

The electric scooter features three speed modes: Beginner (14.5 to 17.7 kph), Standard (17.7 to 20.9 kph), and Professional (24.1 to 25 kph). The Unagi E500 offers a decent speed perfect for short commutes, so a rider may not necessarily need to unlock its 32 kph max speed.

Max Range

The Unagi electric scooter has a max range of 25 km in a single charge, which is the average range for most commuter electric scooters. Riders should remember that the maximum range goes down depending on several factors such as terrain and rider weight.


The Unagi E500 battery features a 9.0Ah 33.6 V 282Wh Lithium-ion battery. It also features an intelligent battery management system that prevents the e-scooter from overcharging, short circuit, and more. The battery can be charged completely in 4 to 5 hours. 


One of the defining features of the Unagi E500 is its design. Its sleek and teardrop-shaped stem and striking platinum colours give the E500 an elegant yet futuristic design. 

Designed for practicality, the Unagi E500 also features a unique folding mechanism. Most electric scooters lock the handlebar to the rear, but the E500 locks the whole stem through a mechanism inside the stem. As a result, the handlebars float above the rear tyres.

Finally, the Unagi Model One E500 is built for lightness and durability featuring lightweight materials such as aluminium and magnesium carbon fibre. Overall, the Unagi E500 is one of the most well-designed electric scooters out there in terms of style and function.


Weighing only 10.99 kg, the Unagi E500 electric scooter is one of the lightest and most portable electric scooters in its range. Moreover, the easy-fold mechanism and compact size make it a practical electric scooter for commuting, especially inside public transportation.

Dashboard and Controls

From the handlebars to the bright display, the Unagi Model One E500 showcases one of the sleekest and most modern designs for dashboards and controls. It also features intuitive designs for the accelerator and brakes. The easy-grip silicon rubber handlebars not only add to the electric scooter’s aesthetics but also its practicality. Overall, the Unagi E500 has a very well put together cockpit that’s very easy to use.


The Unagi E500 sports 7.5-inch solid or airless tyres, which are puncture-free tyres great for flat surfaces. However, unlike air-filled tyres, solid tyres have less cushioning, resulting in slightly bumpy rides, especially on uneven surfaces. However, the shock absorbers do a good job as well for maintaining a decently comfortable ride. Since it has less ground clearance than most electric scooters, the Unagi E500 is not recommended for off-roading and rougher terrains.


The Unagi E500 features a dual electronic brake and a foot brake. Overall, it provides good braking power and a foot brake is a good option if the rider needs to stop immediately. 

Ride Quality

The Unagi E500 has a fantastic dashboard and controls, but it lacks a bit in terms of comfort when riding. On flat and smooth surfaces, the Unagi E500 is stable, comfortable, and a joy to ride. However, once you enter rougher surfaces, the solid tyres and low suspension won’t be able to cushion riders, resulting in a bit of rattling.


The Unagi scooter in Australia costs $1,695. That’s a hefty price for a commuter electric scooter. This is already within the price range of some off-road electric scooters that offer higher performance, quality, and durability than the Unagi E500. 

Given its premium features, material, and design, the cost is justified. However, in terms of performance, some commuter electric scooters offer more power, speed, and range for just around $800. When it comes to the Unagi Model One price, it will highly depend on your preference and budget if the Unagi E500 is for you.

The Unagi E500 is also available here in Scoot City.


Unagi offers a one year warranty like most electric scooter brands. However, what is unique about Unagi is that they have a 30-day return policy valid for any reason. This means even if the e-scooter was used or if you just didn’t want it anymore, Unagi would accept the e-scooter within 30 days after its purchase. 

Pros & Cons



  • Very light weight and compact size
  • Intuitive controls
  • Aesthetic and practical overall design
  • One-touch folding mechanism
  • Triple braking system
  • Great warranty and 30-day return policy
  • High premium price can be a concern for some people
  • Average performance compared to other commuter scooters for a lower price
  • Low suspension and solid tyres

Slightly uncomfortable rides on rougher terrains

Final Thoughts

The Unagi Model One E500 is a very pleasing electric scooter to look at and a convenient scooter to carry around. Indeed, it’s an electric scooter that’s designed for function and style, but maybe not for comfort. 

Overall, the Unagi E500 offers plenty of positive features and perks but also a few misses considering its price. It will be up to the rider if they can look over the cons and enjoy what this amazing electric scooter has to offer.

Hopefully, this Unagi E500 review helped you learn more about the electric scooter and whether it’s the right scooter for you. Check how the Unagi E500 compares with the Mearth GTS.