Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2 Review: Practicality That Takes You Further


Xiaomi upgraded the well-loved Xiaomi electric scooter Pro and strengthened its features, resulting in the new Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2. It’s difficult to spot the difference between the Pro 2 and Pro version since it looks very similar in terms of looks and specs. However, much-needed upgrades have been included in the Xiaomi Pro 2. These upgrades include better wiring, cooling, driving modes and stronger tyres, among others.

To give you a deeper look into the upgraded model, this Xiaomi Pro 2 review will break down each of its components and pros and cons.

Tech Specs

Check out the Xiaomi Pro scooter 2 specs below. These are completely the same as the Xiaomi Pro electric scooter.

Top Speed

25 kph

Max Range

45 km


14.2 kg

Max Load

100 kg

Max Motor Power


Charging Time

8 to 9 hours




8.5-inch pneumatic tyres

IP Rating



  • Classic and sleek design
  • Maximum 600W motor power
  • Smart app connectivity
  • 45 km of max range in a single charge

Top Speed

As with other electric scooter models, the Xiaomi Pro 2 tops at 25 kph, which is the maximum allowable speed in public in Australia. However, unlike other models, the Xiaomi Pro 2 can’t be adjusted to increase its speed. One difference when it comes to speed is the riding modes. The Xiaomi Pro 2 now offers these riding modes: Pedestrian (5 kph), Standard (20 kph), and Sport (25 kph).

Max Range

The Xiaomi Pro 2 can take you to a maximum distance of 45 km. There is no difference with the previous version when it comes to range. However, it’s still a pretty good range, since most e-scooter ranges offer 25-30 km max.


The Xiaomi Pro 2 contains a 446 Wh Lithium-ion battery. Surprisingly, the current battery has less capacity than the previous version, which had a 474 Wh battery. However, the Pro 2 has improved its kinetic energy recovery system (KERS), resulting in better battery efficiency and range. KERS can be adjusted via the Mi Home App.


The Xiaomi Pro 2 features the same sleek and minimalist design as the Xiaomi Pro. It is still also a three-second easy-fold e-scooter. However, there are slight differences such as the lights and fender. The front and rear lights now use a 2W LED, and the e-scooter now has front, side, and rear reflectors. This makes it safer to ride at night, especially in public. Meanwhile, the fender has been extended to make space for a license plate, which is required in other countries such as Germany.

Dashboard and Controls

The Xiaomi Pro 2 retains the previous version’s dashboard and controls. This includes a clear and bright LCD screen, comfortable handlebars with grip, a hand throttle, a bell, and one button to control everything. Looking at its display, it’s very simple and easy to understand. Moreover, you can see everything at a glance, making it a perfect entry-level e-scooter for new riders. 

On the display, you can see your current speed, speed mode, power, and lock status. The electric scooter is also Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to connect the e-scooter to the Mi Home App. Using the app, you can lock and unlock the e-scooter, see your riding data, and upgrade the e-scooter with firmware.


The Xiaomi Pro 2 sports 8.5-inch explosion-proof pneumatic tyres. Compared to the Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro, the Pro 2 has been strengthened. Although you can’t see the difference when you look at the tyres, the ride quality is better on non-paved roads like dirt roads and grass. It’s not a significant difference, but you can feel that it’s smoother to ride the Pro 2.


The electric scooter uses a front E-ABS regenerative anti-lock braking system and a rear perforated brake disc. Compared to the previous version, the brakes are stronger and it reacts better. As a result, the braking distance is shorter.

Ride Quality

Overall, the ride quality feels good as expected. However, when compared to the previous version, it rides better and is more comfortable. However, it’s not a significant gap. The great thing about the Pro 2 is that it has a smoother ride off-road. You can’t feel any rattling as the tyres absorb the impact on bumpy roads. 

Pros & Cons



  • Classic and minimalist design
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 45 km range in a single charge
  • Intuitive controls
  • Reinforced pneumatic tyres
  • Better ride quality on non-paved paths
  • Overall good performance and ride quality
  • Slightly lower battery capacity than its predecessor, but it’s not an issue
  • No shock absorbers

Final Thoughts

The Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro 2 is no doubt a great electric scooter to buy given its affordability, practicality, durability, and reliability. The improved features also made the ride quality slightly better than its predecessor. There are only small upgrades in the Xiaomi Pro 2, but these small differences can be felt once you ride the e-scooter. Overall, this is the perfect commuter e-scooter for anyone who is looking for a practical but powerful e-scooter that can take you far.