Xiaomi Pro 2 vs Go Trax G4 Electric Scooter

The Xiaomi M365 electric scooter has become so popular that it has garnered direct competitors in the scooter market. One of these is the Go Trax VL, which is the popular budget scooter in the US. Thanks to its success, Go Trax has released a number of models this year to keep up with the competition.

You’ve already heard by now that Xiaomi released two new e-scooters to upgrade their current product line-up – Xiaomi 1S and Xiaomi Pro 2. In this review, we will compare the latest Go Trax against the latest Xiaomi. 


Features Xiaomi Pro 2 Go Trax G4
Motor 350W (max 750W) 350 W (430W)
Top Speed 25 km/h 32 km/h
Max Range 45 km 40 km
Tyres 10” pneumatic tyres
Brakes regenerative (front) disc (rear)
Battery Capacity 474 Wh Not specified 
Charging Time 8-9 hours 4-5 hours
Hill Grade 20% 15 %
Weight 14.2 kg 16kg
Weight Capacity 100 kg 99 kg
Speed Modes Pedestrian, Standard, Sports Not 
Extras 2W headlight, brake light, rear reflector, LED display, mobile app Headlight, tail light, reflector, LED display
IP Rating IP54 1PX6
Price $1099 USD $499

Xiaomi Pro 2 vs Go Trax G4

The Xiaomi Pro 2 and Go Trax G4 almost have the same specs on paper, but the performance of these two e-scooters tells a different story. 

The Go Trax G4 is faster than the Xiaomi Pro 2 electric scooter. Other than that, the Xiaomi Pro 2 leaves the Go Trax G4 in the dust – better brakes, range, and hill climb ability. The Go Trax G4 gives a tested speed of 32 km/h and tested range of 23 km on a single charge. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi Pro 2 has a tested speed of 25 km/h and a tested range of 40 km/h. 

To be fair, the Go Trax G4 has some design improvements compared to previous models. The tyres are bigger to compensate for the lack of suspension. The deck is wider because of the relocated battery (now in the deck instead of the stem). The folding mechanism and tiller lock are were improved. The walk assistance and digital lock features are novel additions.  

While these features make the Go Trax G4 better than the Go Trax XR Elite, it still doesn’t hold a candle to the Xiaomi Pro 2. The range and refinements of the midrange e-scooter give at a clear advantage – more range, better brakes, brighter lights, detailed dashboard, and secured rear mudguard. The tiller lock can be easily cut and you’ll eventually need a U-lock, which is the best way to secure electric scooters. 

The Go Trax G4 looks like a midrange electric scooter on paper, but its priced right – it performs like a budget electric scooter. 

Which electric scooter should you buy?

The Xiaomi Pro 2 is more expensive, but it’s also lighter and travels further than the Go Trax G4. You’ll be capped at 25 km/h due to regulations, so top speed isn’t the priority. It will require more patience to charge, but you’re not supposed to wait until the battery is completely drained to maintain it. Go Trax attempts to catch up with Xiaomi and be the go-to budget scooter in the US, but the G4 doesn’t deliver the midrange specs it has on paper. Go Trax does ship out of the US, but why do that when you already have a better e-scooter that you can buy in your local bike shop?