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Mearth S Pro Review: Your High-Performance Everyday Electric Scooter

Overview The Mearth S Pro is an upgrade from the well-loved Mearth S electric scooter. This scooter from Mearth Technology, Australia’s first e-scooter brand, now offers more...

Mearth S Review: Beat Traffic Conveniently

When it comes to getting an electric scooter, some people only need a standard everyday e-scooter that helps bypass traffic efficiently. The Mearth S is one of those scooters, except it brings more value than most standard electric scooters. The Mearth S electric scooter is a product from Mearth Technology, Australia’s first e-scooter brand recognised for its innovative scooters. It features a durable, lightweight, foldable scooter that’s powerful enough for daily commutes.

The Best Electric Scooters for Students in Australia

Electric scooters are great for any kind of commuter, whether you’re a professional, student, or environmentally conscious citizen. Anyone of these people can afford a premium electric scooter and zip around town. But it’s a different story when you’re a College student. There are plenty of budget electric scooters in the market, but “cheap” products don’t always have the best quality. So we’ve rounded up the best affordable electric scooters in Australia that you can convince your parents to buy for you. 

Mearth X Pro Review: The Only Electric Scooter You Need

Launched in 2019 and upgraded a year later, the Mearth X Pro is a high-performance, portable electric scooter from Mearth, Australia’s first e-scooter brand that gained recognition for its innovative electric scooters. The Mearth X Pro is perfect for everyday commuting because of its powerful motor, and compact and lightweight design. With its long range, high speeds, and external battery, you don’t have to worry about not getting to your destination while travelling through the city. 

Best Portable Electric Scooters in Australia

The main advantage of electric scooters is its portability. The best commuter electric scooters manage to strike a balance with weight, features, and price. This is unfortunately not easy to find. In general, the more power you have, the heavier the scooter gets. But there are electric scooter brands that manage to find a way and deliver the right package. We took a look at what’s currently in the market, and here the best electric scooters in Australia that provides portability without compromising features. 

Electric Scooter vs E-Bike

Electric vehicles are cost-efficient and emission-free alternative modes of transportation. Electric scooters and electric bikes, in particular, have been convenient options during the pandemic. Both of these micromobility solutions have the same technology but they provide different benefits. For a cleaner and safer living this year, which should you choose?

How the Mearth GTS Destroys the Unagi E500

At first glance, the Mearth GTS and Unagi Model One E500 may seem different from each other to compare them, but both are similar in providing powerful and premium features.

Should you back an Electric Scooter Campaign from IndieGoGo?

IndieGoGo is primarily focused on electronic products and smart hardware, which makes it a popular place for electric scooter campaigns. They all promise great specs at a low price, especially if you’re an early-bird backer. Unfortunately, if there’s something that promises to be the best electric scooter in Australia for less than $500, it’s definitely too good to be true. 

The Top 5 Electric Scooters of 2020

Public transportation in 2020 changed for the better and for the worst. Using any public utility vehicle is a huge risk, but it also highlighted the need for micromobility devices.   
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