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Whether you need to travel short to medium distances efficiently, or you simply want to avoid traffic, the Mearth S is for you.

The Mearth S is a durable, lightweight, foldable electric scooter designed to help ease our daily commute, from avoiding traffic to adding a little adventure to your otherwise boring trips. It has a reliable, sturdy, top-class disc brake system to help protect you on every trip. It has a hot-swap battery, meaning you can buy multiple batteries to extend your travel distance without limit. It also means that, after a few years, when the battery decays as every lithium battery does, you can easily order a replacement battery and just pop it right in! If you want an e-scooter that is durable and designed to last, this Mearth scooter will be there for every trip.

Need to run errands or rush to work? Add adventure to your daily commute with the Mearth S electric scooter!

25km range not enough? How does 50km or even 100km sound? Grab multiple batteries to extend your travel distance to as far as you need to go. The Mearth S is the perfect E scooter to get you around. An Advanced Colour Display shows your trip in detail. Speed modes, distance travelled, -everything at your fingertips. The scooter also has an easy-access reliable triple-brake system, with a regenerative brake, disc brake, and a mechanical brake that will help protect you on every trip. With a simple and fast one second folding mechanism at 12.5 kg, the Mearth S’s portability is unbeatable.

The Mearth S’s default maximum speed is set to 25 km/h. Riders can manually override the max speed in order to get up to 32 km/h. The guaranteed max speed is 25 km/h, and it is not recommended to go beyond 25 km/h unless in a safe controlled environment.

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